How to avoid Obesity


An increasing number of people in the world are becoming overweight. This is a condition that poses many health problems among them being premature deaths. Obesity is a serious condition affecting more and more children, youths and adults. Since 1980, obesity cases in the US among children have doubled. Over 15 percent of children in the US are considered overweight. In older people, health professionals are seeing cardiovascular diseases, earlier onset of Type 2 diabetes, obesity related depression and other related health conditions. Prevention is the key point in health. Obesity can be prevented simply by taking simple steps. 

Exercise regularly

Just choose an active lifestyle and you will never fall into this category. It is one of the best ways of preventing the onset of obesity in children, adolescent and the adults. Simple activities like a 30 minutes’ walk in the morning, taking the stairs instead of taking the lift, walking to the mall, carrying your shopping to home or even getting to the gym in the morning to lift weights can greatly help in this situation. If you don’t like going to the GYM, there are plenty other ways you can exercise and burn extra fats. Swim, bike or even get out in the evening for a walk with friends or family. 

Avoid some foods

One of the best ways of reducing weight is to reduce the amount of food you consume in a day. However, there are some foods that you should avoid entirely when you are dieting and trying to cut off some more weight. Avoid French fries and Potato Chips. They are very high in calories and it is also easy to eat so many of them at a time. In fact one study found that French Fries and Potato Chips may contribute to more weight gain than any other foods. Also avoid sugary drinks, white bread, Candy bars, and some cookies and cakes. 

Change your thinking and Behavior

Think about your weight and your health. Don’t pay a lot of attention to other things that don’t contribute too much on your weight and health. Remind your mind more often that maintaining your weight and living a healthy lifestyle are the main goals. Also avoid thinking too much about those things that can induce stress. This will not make you lose weight but will just make your condition worse. 

Eat Wisely

A good diet goes hand in hand with disease management. Live a good lifestyle and eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and proteins. Avoid alcohol and other drugs. Ensure that you eat less in a day and eat only what is useful in your body. Eating too much of food and not exercising maybe the reason why you are overweight. 

Sleep well

Not getting enough night sleep can pose greater health problems. In fact, some research shows that sleep deprivation can cause obesity. Make your bedtime count by creating a conducive environment in your bedroom. Good sleep can also help to manage stress and reduce the pangs of obesity. In case you have problems finding sleep, you can get some of the best sounds of nature such as the voice of running water, raindrops and those voices from insects and birds to sooth you and make you fall asleep. 

Set goals

Setting goals to reduce your weight and rewarding yourself when you meet them is a good way too. You can buy yourself a pair of sneakers after you meet the goal of taking a 5 minutes’ walk a day for a full week. Set new year’s resolutions for cutting your weight or even manage your time well and eat healthy for the rest of your time. Having a couple of achievable goals works a long way to keep your weight managed. 

Find support from friends and friends 

You can set achievable goals but without support, I can guarantee you some of them will not be met. You can talk to your spouse, family member or friend to be reminding and encouraging you to keep on moving. Having someone to walk with you or even take a fitness class together is the greatest thing that you can do to yourself. Look around and see if there’s a fitness group in your community. You can as well visit a training class and make friends there, Form a group and keep encouraging each other to hold on. On the other hand, you can seek help from a doctor in case you have tried all the means and there are no significant improvements. 

Monitor your weight regularly

A research shows that people who monitor their weight on weekly basis finds it easy to manage obesity. Monitoring your weight can tell you if your efforts are working for you or against you. It can also help you monitor small weight gains before they become big and influential. Immediately after you get the insight, you can take actions and ensure that next time your efforts will work for you. 

Be consistent in whatever efforts you take

You cannot prevent or avoid obesity in a day. What this means is that you have to be consistent in your measures. Stick to your healthy weight plan during the week, on the weekends and on vacations. Ensure that you are not altering with your plans time to time. Develop a daily routine. Make sure that you have to eat healthy and avoid foods that can worsen your case.

Eat high Fiber foods

Eat a bowl of white rice more often and other fiber foods that are fiber rich. High fiber foods have fewer calories, lots of bulk and little fats.   Foods rich in fiber are also digested slowly consequently leaving your blood pressure at per instead of rapidly spiking and falling after you eat foods. Start your day with high fiber cereals and continue like this several times in a week. Foods rich in fiber are also beneficial in your digestive tract. They reduce constipation and may also increase the need to take more water.