How stress can affect our health


The world is moving… slow but steady! For sure, there are many people near us having no time to itch their heads because of the busy lives! All of us want to enhance the way of living, want to make the life worthier, and surely willing to support the family but in all such thing we cannot forget one hindrance, which is the main breeding ground of worries and chronic diseases and this is only “Stress”.

At any cost, stress can never be neglected as it is the part of life, and life can never get rid of it. Whether there happen a small problem or a big one, they put the person into the stress that effectively harms the human health even though the sufferer doesn’t realize it but with the passage of time, it produces hazardous effects on the human body through many ways which sometimes lead him to the death!

Stress affects human brain, his heart, his overall body functioning, immune system, digestive system, and damage almost complete body as I earlier disclosed it is the breeding ground of many chronic diseases.

Let me here enlist the ways by which stress can affect the human health!


At the very top, it is a headache! Which may be characterized as a Migraine. You know what science says? When a person first experiences the stress, it produces tension in the muscle of the brain which leads to the pain and brain gets continuously think about that problem which is last for the hours and sometimes for weeks but it couldn’t find the solution at once. As the brain is smarter enough, it sends signals to the adrenal glands having the charge to release the stress hormones which are helpful in normalizing the situation to great extent.

Continuously contacting with the stress, can badly damage the brain activities, as there are many other tasks for the brain to think about and to perform other body functions other than working upon the stress if you won’t learn the managing strategies then you would surely lose the mental health!


It is another way to damage the human health and here stress perform the remarkable role! People usually remain in stress conditions lost the advanced natural activity to burn the fats, and in such situations, the brain sends signals to find the food and get sudden relief and these two facts are surely enough to accept this reality that obesity and stress run hand to hand!

In order to fight with the obesity in stress, you have to find the management ways that are proven to be helpful in burning the excessive fats and surely it would be “Exercise stunts”.


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that stress is enough to eat the human body. When a person faces tension it increases the blood pressure, which can even rapture the blood vein. This high blood pressure is itself very hazardous to us. At the time of stress, different hormones release which triggers the heart functioning and its activity enhanced more than the normal routine. The patient with the persistently high blood pressure are likely to feel stress and are close to acquire heart diseases like heart attacks, and lack of functioning. Hence, there are many things need to be ignored for enjoying the happy journey of life.


Nothing goes right if you won’t take complete rest but stress will never leave you to live the contented life. It happens to all, maybe once in the life, when you cannot sleep an entire night just because you are unable to calm yourself up against stress. Unfortunately, there is no button in the body that can provide us comfort and finishes the stress at once hence, for this, we have to remain all the time ready for upcoming hurdles and should make our hearts stronger enough to solve the problems.


As earlier disclosed, stress produces tension in the muscles that ultimately results in the pain that occurs in the major organs like heart, brain, stomach, and liver.

You know what? Stress is also effective enough in making you tired and your body can give up from the work because it is unable to put complete consideration on the tasks and in the end, it exhausts up! Research says, when the body is in the condition of stress, the brain sends signals that proceed less blood flow to the stomach and more to the other body parts which is characterized as the stomach ache and results in the Constipation, hence digestive system disrupts!


Yes, stress has a charge to make your sex life unsuccessful. It is effective enough in impairing the sexual desire of man and woman both. When a person first feels stress, his hormones get activated to have continuous sex in order to get sudden relief which results in lowering the libido and ultimately the desire of having the sex diminishes that produces great impact onto the married lives. It would never be wrong to say that stress is one of the culprits abolishes the happy married life hence, it is necessary to make your mind completely free from worries when you come to your spouse or you must learn the stress management tips that prove to be beneficial in maintaining your bed life!

So, these were some ways through which stress can eat you up and can badly affect your body functioning. In a nut shell, we would like to say that if you really want to live a successful and happy life with your family then ignore such things which do not really matter or can damage your relationships. Nature has made man stronger enough to fight with all the hurdle coming to his journey. Just make a mind, “Nothing is impossible”, this single thought can change the entire scenario for you. Never feel heart broken or lone because there are many people who love you deeply and you have to move along with them. So, must stay yourself away from the stress, stay motivated and be strong to fight!