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In order to bring the harmony in the life, yoga plays a vital role. It contributes to better the physical, spiritual, mental, social, and cardiovascular health. Yoga is being practiced for thousands of years and is proved to beneficial in all the terms come to the health and well-being. For the recent years, we have also found several types of yoga have been introduced successfully and there is no denying that all kinds of yoga have reached to the holistic peak.

Bikram yoga, it is one of the kinds of yoga brings several amazing benefits with itself. It is scientifically proved to be advantageous in providing comfort to the brain, and the heart. It is also involved in reconnecting you with your inner peace, also purifies your intellectual, widening your body tissues, and also prepares your body to fight will all the existing and upcoming issues.

Now, you must be curious to learn in-depth about Bikram yoga as it offers tremendous fruitful results so, let us unveil what exactly Bikram yoga is and how it is different.


Bikram Yoga was first introduced in California and the founder was Bikram Choudhury who set 26 amazing styles as the Bikram poses need to be practiced in 90 minutes class over the duration of nine weeks regularly. Bikram Yoga is known by the name of Hot Yoga as it is practiced in the room having high humidity and temperature up to 41 degrees. Practicing in the hot room will allow your body to sweat faster which later brings bettering of the most of the body functions. Well, these hot Bikram rooms are termed as the “Torture Chamber” by Bikram Choudhury and of course, it wouldn’t be less than a torture. As already disclosed, Bikram yoga is well-known for the features it showed, it will make you its addicted when you start practicing it. Bikram Choudhury said, “Yoga is worse enough than a cocaine because you can abandon it but can’t leave yoga!”

He set Bikram yoga on 26 different poses which need to be practiced for 90 minutes in a hot room, do you want to know that are they? And how they can be performed? Yes? Let us unveil them.


So, these are the 26 different poses of Bikram Yoga we are going to enlist below.

  1. Stand and take deep breaths.
  2. Get yourself in the half-moon pose where you’re both hands bind into one another and bending to the feet.
  3. Do Awkward pose.
  4. Continue your practice to Eagle Pose.
  5. Follow standing and bend your head to knee.
  6. Do standing bow pose.
  7. Standing separate leg stretching pose.
  8. Tree pose.
  9. Triangle pose.
  10. Standing separate leg head to knee pose.
  11. Wind removing pose.
  12. Toe stand pose.
  13. Corpse Pose.
  14. Balancing stick pose.
  15. Cobra pose.
  16. Sit-up pose.
  17. Full locust pose.
  18. Locust pose.
  19. Half Tortoise pose.
  20. Fixed firm pose.
  21. Bow pose.
  22. Rabbit pose.
  23. Camel Pose.
  24. Head to knee pose.
  25. Blowing in firm pose.
  26. Spine Twisting pose.

If you are getting trouble in knowing what exactly pose behind the name then there are many videos available online which you may search by just entering the name. Well, as to be honest, the mentioned styles aren’t easier as they sound, you may find difficulty at the very first time when switching to them. It may happen that you won’t be able to complete these all  poses in the turnaround of 90 minutes rather you may need 2 hours but as the time passes and practicing them regularly you will surely fall in love with each style, as we do! Bikram exercise is extremely worthwhile in soothing your body. It will help you look hot but will make you cool inside.

As discussed earlier, there are countless advantages encompassed by Bikram Yoga, do you want to know them? Read the next!

Incontrovertible Benefits of Bikram Yoga:

So, let us move on describing health benefits reaped by Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga successfully involved in enhancing the Muscle Strength:

For sure, all kinds of yoga and workout are beneficial in building up the body likewise Bikram yoga as it helps you shape the body by cutting excessive fats. It allows your body to manage the mobility. It will help you kill the bad cholesterol from the body and enhance the heart functioning effectively.

Bikram Yoga Helps You in Losing Weight:

Another undeniable advantage put forward by the Bikram yoga is it is beneficial in reducing the fats from the body. Obesity is of the hazardous breeding ground gives birth to life-threatening diseases and Thanks to Bikram Yoga here, as it promising us to build up the body shape by keeping us away from the obesity.

Bikram Yoga provides you Flexibility:

Bikram yoga fits us right! It provides great flexibility to the joints of the body and reduces the possibility of osteoarthritis and other joint related problems. It reduces inflammation, stiffness, and redness produced and make the joints stronger.

Bikram Yoga Soothes the Body:

Bikram Yoga shows its remarkable role in reducing the stress, anxiety, and depression, it is likewise beneficial in the rehabilitation of the confidence. Different studies show that it is also involved in enhancing the sleep hence it soothes the body. It accelerates different effective hormones which make you function properly.

Bikram Yoga Detoxifies Harmful Body Substances:

Laborious Yoga for 90 minutes will increase the rate of perspiration that will effectively remove all the harmful substances from your body. It is considered as the good detox. Harmful toxins make a place in the body can lead to the life-threatening diseases, and can make you too peevish hence, it is necessary to eliminate them.

So, this was the detailed sketch we put forward to you with the hope that you will be started practicing Bikram Yoga for enhancing your body functioning. So, what are you waiting for? Try them out now!