Best exercises to reduce back pain

back pain

Back pain is one of the most common adult afflictions and being able to identify the causes of the pain will go a long way in providing relief and treatment for this condition. Aging is a great factor in back-pain in adults. The aging process can bring on many changes in the body and many who suffer from back-pain will attest to the fact that their bones and muscles are getting weaker due to age, which is the number one reason for most back pain in adults.

How a person works is also an important thing to consider in back-pain. Many office workers sit at a desk in a chair for most of the day and so suffer from back pain. How often they stand or their stance is also a factor in preventing back pain. If one must sit in an office most of the day they should make sure that the chair they sit in is ergonomically correct and that they maintain good posture throughout the day to reduce back pain. A person’s weight can also factor into back pain and also joint and knee pain. To prevent this from occurring a person should maintain or reduce their weight to be on the thinner side and make sure that they maintain a balanced diet to keep the weight off. This will go a long way in preventing or reducing back discomforts.

A lack of proper exercise can also contribute to back pain and this is due to the fact that the muscles of the body do need a good workout regularly to maintain good function. Muscles that stay dormant build up toxins which can increase our chances of developing aches and pains. Make sure that you do some stretches and give you muscles a good daily workout. However, there is a thing such as too much exercise and going to the extremes will have the opposite effect and may cause more pain and discomfort in the lower and upper back muscles. Avoid too much strain that is caused by bending and overworking the muscles in the back.

Getting the right amount of exercise is helpful and can be done with something as simple as taking a walk. The key is to not let the muscles of the body stay dormant for their optimum level of functioning.

Exercises to reduces back pain

The following below are some of the best exercises you can do to reduce your back pain either lower or upper back pain;

  • Lying Leg Raises. 

The first is the lying leg raise. This move will put strain on your lower back if at any point you let your lower back lift off the floor. Now, in order to keep your lower back on the floor, very strong abs are needed. So for this reason, beginners should just avoid this move, especially if back pain is a concern. As you become stronger, then you can begin incorporating it in your workout. When you do, if you ever feel your lower back lift up, stop immediately and correct yourself.

  • Shoulder Press. 

Another move to be careful of is the shoulder press. The biggest mistake made here is allowing your lower back to sway. As soon as you let this happen, you’ll have a high amount of total weight coming down on your lower back joints as you hoist the weight overhead. The solution? Think of squeezing your abs and pulling up your hips. By doing so, you’ll flatten your lower back, keeping your spinal column in proper alignment. This reduces the total amount of stress being placed on your lower back area.

  • Bent Over Rows. 

Bent over rows are another problematic exercise. These can be bad because if you let your lower back hunch over slightly, this will create excess strain on your spinal column as well. On the other hand, if you arch your back, you’ll again be creating unnatural stress loading patterns. Keeping your back flat is key. Try and watch yourself in a mirror the first few times you perform this exercise to ensure you are doing it correctly.

  • Reverse crunch exercise 

The reverse crunch workout focuses on lower abdominal area. First start this exercise by lying on your back and keep your feet in the air while keeping knees bent in the 90 degree angle. Now put your hands below your buttocks and make your back parallel to the ground. Now start exerting pressure on your lower abdominal area while lifting your buttocks above the ground. Hold your body in this position for few seconds and then slowly relax your body to normal position.

  • Camel stretch exercise 

This camel stretch is one of the most effective stretching exercises that can reduce your back pain in few days with regular practice. This exercise starts with a position where a person needs to lie down on the ground on the stomach. Then slowly make a position where your hands come under your shoulders and knees come under the hips. Now slowly start raising your hands and hips in the upward direction while your stomach stays on the ground. Remain in this position for few seconds and get back to original position thereafter.

  • Basic twist exercise 

Basic twist workout is another efficient lower pain exercise that can produce the results much faster as compared to other back exercises. Lie down on the ground with your back touching the ground and keep your arms stretched in the outside direction. Now start breathing and bring your knees closer to the chest slowly. After few seconds, bring the knees back to the original position while you exhale slowly. Keep repeating this cycle while also repeating inhaling and exhaling at the same time.

  • Deadlifts. 

Finally, deadlifts are the next move to be extra careful about. Never pull up using your back, but instead, think of squeezing through your glutes and hamstrings. This will help ensure you are using your muscles as you should during this exercise. Given the amount of weight people lift with this movement, if you aren’t careful, you can seriously strain your back joints.

These are the best exercise or workout for back pain and should be done at least 3 days per week. Once your back pain improves and you are able to perform these workouts easily, then you can increase your weights and branch out to more exercises, as your pain will allow.